Will the Vita Make A Comeback?

Will the Vita Make A Comeback?

I own a PS VITA. And, of course, so do other people. But the problem here is that not many other people own PS VITAs. Some people say that the PS VITA is a product failure.

I personally think that the PS VITA is not a product failure at all. Okay yeah sales aren’t that great, but look at the PS3. A rock, which anyone could get for free, would have sold better than a PS3 back when it was first selling.

Look at the PS3, for example. It did not sell well at all for at least a year, but now look at it. Almost everyone I know owns a PS3. If this is how the PS3 started, and is now doing very well, couldn’t the Vita all the more  come back too?

It annoys me a lot when my Nintendo Fanboy friends talk trash about the Vita. “Oh the Vita games suck, or at least they used to. The launch was a fail and the games sucked!” What games did the 3DS have? Pilotwings.

Now Pilotwings was a good game but that is about all of the good games that the 3DS had at launch except for Street fighter. In my opinion, the PS VITA had one of the best launches of all time.

The problem was what came after, nothing. Nothing really good came out within the launch window. Now if you look at the background, you will see an image of Ragnarok Odyssey. That is probably my favorite game of all time.

It may not be the best, but it is a challenging RPG that isn’t too complex. IGN gave the game a 5/10. Their user rating was a 9.3/10. Go with the user rating. Oops got too carried away with this…

But my point of bringing up the Ragnarok image is because if the Vita had games like that following the launch there would be more of an incentive to buy it.

The Vita is more than capable of running good games. Sometimes I make fun of those “Console Quality, On The Go.” campaign that Sony runs for the Vita because, sure it is true but they haven’t really put in the effort for the Vita. Its got the potential.

If Sony puts in the time and effort the Vita could most definitely become popular and pull in good money.

These 6 things are a good start to a comeback:

  • Destination Playstation 
  • Sony’s E3 
  • New CEO 
  • CEO’s Oath that SONY will make a comeback 
  • Games like Killzone and Soul Sacrifice, Etc. 
  • Rumored games like FF 10 HD and Monster Hunter.

In conclusion I think that the Vita comeback is not impossible, it is more than a reality, but it needs some amazing games and a “hook”.

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PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a Sony fanboy at all! I actually am a Nintendo fanboy if anything at all, but I like to stay open minded.

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