Uncharted 3 Behind the Scenes: Motion Capture

Uncharted 3 Behind the Scenes: Motion Capture

A fascinating look behind the Uncharted 3 Game with Nolan North and Emily Rose.

Some nice behind-the-scenes on how the actors pull of such an incredible job making the movement and dialogue sound so realistic.Posted in Uncharted 3 Game News.

In an unprecedented mixing of video games and social networking, Naughty Dog, Facebook, and Youtube have change the way you interact with your friends by bringing social networking in to the actual game

. When starting up the game, players will be able to instantly see who among their friends is playing Uncharted 3 and any updates or feeds they may have posted.

Many games have had the feature to allow players to update their Facebook with automated statuses, but Uncharted 3 will be the first game to allow players to do it from within the game.

This unprecedented feature will forever change the way players interact with the world outside the game.

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