TERA is a PvE-oriented, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that uses a dynamic combat system with a third-person view of the target player as in TPS. It is necessary for the player to move during combat to avoid enemy attacks.

The game gives you the choice between 6 different races each with special attributes: Amans, Castanics, Barakas, High elves, Humans, Elks and Poporis. But also the choice between 9 classes:

Lancer: The tank class of the game, he has a spear and a shield.
Warrior: Armed with two swords, he has great mobility. With a better DPS than the lancer, it is a versatile class.

Berserker: Class DPS, he is armed with an ax. Class limited in its displacements due to its slowness is compensated by the damages of its blows.

Slayer: Class DPS, armed with a double-edged sword. More mobile than the Berserker.

Archer: DPS class ranged, armed with a bow, it uses many traps to slow down enemies.

Sorcerer: DPS class remote, currently the most powerful in terms of damage, the wizard is feared for its many combos.

Mystic: Excellent healer, with many group buffs that significantly increase the power of his team, and also many crowd control spells (fear, sleep, root, ...). On the other hand, he has the smallest DPS and the weakest defense of TERA.

Priest: Basic healing class, with many solo or group healing, protective shields, defensive buffs, and better defense than the mystic.

Mortifera: Class DPS, armed with two false attached to chains. It's a versatile class because it attacks at mid-distance, has leather armor and inflicts considerable damage. This class is playable only if you already have a level 40 character and only playable by the Elins.

Artillery: DPS class particularly dynamic, armed with a gun, reserved for the female characters Castanics and High elves,. It must both be very mobile to dodge assaults or activate certain combinations of attacks, but especially to be able to target the enemy with his gun.


The world of TERA was born millennia ago when two titans with unimaginable powers, Arun and Shara, met in a shapeless void. For reasons that can only be guessed, they fell asleep. 

And while they were sleeping, TERA took shape around them. All along, Arun and Shara were still dreaming, and their new dreams took shapes similar to the gods.

 These new creatures, the mortals, were much more numerous, but much less powerful. Arun dreamed of ambitious Elves, clever humans, honorable Amans, mighty giants, intriguing devas, and mischievous Poporis. 

Shara dreamed of devious sikandaris, dark ghouls and vampires, ferocious wendigos, strange fairies, and sinuous nagas. At that time, the twelve gods went to war, directly against each other, and dragged the mortal races into their battles.

 These divine wars left most gods dead, imprisoned, if not diminished. Mortals did not come out unscathed. Some, like the sikandaris and most giants, were annihilated. Others, like the Barakas and Castanics, emerged from the conflict itself. 

And while TERA was born, the Humans, High Elves, Castanics, Barakas, and Poporis joined forces ... ... and together they will fight a threat from beyond their world: the Argons, a metal race of Overseas. Unless arrested, they will destroy Arun and Shara, and the dream will end  

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I'm a 22 year old graduate of Ohio State majoring in Meteorology. Meteorology is better than chemistry. Way better. Also, I like to spend time with my friends, and play games, watch movies, take road trips, and eat out and spend lots of money! I hope to be a TV weatherman one day! I play a mean Super Mario Bros, and Mario games are my favorite. I also have pigments, according to Dan Cochran.

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