PAX EAST 2013 Spotlight | Revolution 60 Preview

PAX EAST 2013 Spotlight | Revolution 60 Preview

In the future, an American orbital weapons platform has drifted off course, causing a diplomatic incident. A team of female special operatives must steal a space shuttle and stop the weapon from firing, but all is not as it seems. If you fail, an all out nuclear war is set in motion.

Revolution 60 is a stunning game that is in development for iPad.  Brianna Wu, head developer, had inspiration to start this project after playing Infinity Blade and realized that iOS Unreal was the future of mobile gaming.

She has done an amazing job creating the game along with her team, which is mostly composed of women, using Unreal engine. The game is fully voiced acted, and is starring anime legend Amanda Winn-Lee from Evangelion (awesome!) .

The game is a “deliberate mixture of two games, Heavy Rain and Mass Effect”. You, the player, play the game through a character name Holiday, a trained assassin, using touch gestures with nothing other than the touchscreen.

You will make decisions that lead to victory or failure. Just like Saints Row: The Third and other games alike, you will make decisions that will lead you to different endings.

In SR3 the difference between letting Shaundi die and catching Killbaine or doing the opposite is the same difference as in Revolution 6- between siding with the rogue commander Minuete or siding with Amelia, the engineer who has a strong determination to figure out what went wrong with the weapons platform.

I have to say that the claims are true that Revolution 60 pushes the envelope on what’s possible with iOS mobile gaming. The game features animation that you would not expect from a mobile game.

Detailed sets, and spaceships are designed by four-time Hugo award winner Frank Wu. It’s also really cool that by total chance their team is mostly female, which is a very rare thing to find in the gaming industry. 

An outstanding thing that this team did is that they did not label themselves as indie developers, indie game, or indie game company. Although they are all three of those things, they didn’t abuse that title to get attention.

They used there great skills to get that attention. Therefore, I say hold on to your iPhones/Pads/Pod Touches until it’s planned Q4 release.

An in-depth look article at Revolution 60 and it’s team will be coming soon.

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