E3 2013 Predictions. It’s Kinda Early, But What The Hell?

E3 2013 Predictions. It’s Kinda Early, But What The Hell?

Now I know there are rumors and such on the internet but I think the right time for predictions, and again this is only my opinion, is about 1-2 months before. I personally will not be going to E3 due to 2 things.

One: I am only 14.

Two: As much as I would like to skip school for 3 days to go to Los Angeles, I can’t.

Console Predictions

But anyways let’s get back to the predictions. I predict pretty much the obvious that the Next-Gen XBOX and PS4 will be there. And that doesn’t necessarily mean announcements, but it could be teases, details, or anything pertaining to them.

As you may have seen already, Sony released a video that a lot of people say teased the PS4, but it really teased something pertaining to PlayStation. Now no I am not saying it has nothing to do with the PS4, but it could be the PS VITA slim or a new Xperia Play.

I mean think about it, Sony has been releasing a lot of Xperia phones, and why would they just forget about their signature PlayStation Phone?

As for Microsoft, my prediction on that is pretty clear. I think they are going to announce theirs, and release plenty of details about theirs. But out of all the things I can speculate here is the thing I am very sure of.

You know how the Surface RT runs a special version of Windows 8 that is optimized for tablets? I predict that the Next-Box, XBOX 720, or Durango or whatever you want to call it will run an optimized version of Windows 8 for the XBOX.

I heard somewhere that one of the people who leaked the consoles said that the PS4 is going to be more of a console, while the XBOX is going to be more like a PC.

Game Predictions

There is not much I have to say about game predictions except for the following. As you may already know, Ubisoft has a very strong presence in Montreal. After THQ went bankrupt, Ubisoft acquired THQ Montreal for 2.5 million.

While you may think such as I do that $2,500,000 is a lot of money, it is NOTHING compared to how much money the opportunity and what projects will come out of there is worth. I predict that Ubisoft-THQ Montreal will announce some killer things at E3, whether it is new titles or sequals.

As we get closer to E3 2013, there will be more predictions to come. And as always, thanks for stumbling upon the Alex Gaming Blog!

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